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It’s Aaron and in the past year we have spent hundreds of thousands just on Bing PPC and Facebook Ads. Pay Per Click Traffic is by far the most targetted form of traffic, you can target exactly what users are searching for an in return offer a relevant product, affiliate promotion or CPA offer.

Here are the 3 main important things with PPC & Facebook Ads

1.) Tracking: You need to track everything with PPC, you have to understand and know what keywords are converting to leads or sales. If you aren’t tracking you are simply losing money. Tracking is by far the most important aspect of any PPC campaign, here are some tracking softwares we recommend from experience.

2.)  Landing Pages & Relevant Offers: When you start marketing other offers (CPA, Clickbank or other affiliate promotions) you will find that many times the default landing pages don’t covert they way you want them. Understanding how to build landing pages can help you in the long run as you have full control of the content, colors, layout etc.

3.) Keyword Research: After you have a product/offer you will want to research keywords. Buyer keywords are definitely the most valuable, for example if you were promoting a weight loss product you may want to do an article or review targeting the phrase “Buy product name”. Make sure you have proper tracking in place so when your customer checks out or makes a purchase you know exactly what keywords are converting to sales.


How Exactly Can I Make Money With Bing PPC or Facebook Ads?

1.) CPL Offers (Cost Per Lead)

Many companies, CPA Networks and offers will actually pay you for generating leads. I’m sure at one point at time you put your name/email address in a form to request more information? Maybe Download a course or ebook like this one? If you did there is a good chance the person on the other side made money just for you opting in.

Example Offer 1:

Over to the right you can see an example of a CPL/Pay Per Lead Offer. In this example this company actually pays $14 for a lead submit of Name, Email, Phone, Country. The lead will most likely be monetized through a call center. I am sure often times you have seen pages for insurance quotes, auto loans or other similar offers. Some companies pay as high as $30 for a full form submit.

The key here would to do keyword research, setup your PPC campaign and tracking and start monetizing the traffic. Recently we spent a total of $2,100 to generate over $5,200 in Revenue for the month (a profit of over $3,000).

You can start to see just how scalable CPL offers are, this is just one way you can earn money through PPC.

2.) Clickbank or Affiliate Offers

You probably heard of Clickbank, right? Clickbank is a directory of affiliate offers. If you don’t have your own products or offers this is a great place to get started, you can promote anything from informational products, weight loss, make money online, gardening tips, woodworking, diabetes, gaming and thousands of other types of offers.

Over to the right you can see some Clickbank earnings, this was all ran through BING PPC (Direct Linking campaigns) earlier this year.

One benefit is you can direct link through Bing (if the page meets the advertising guidelines/terms of service in Bing) However we always teach people its better to use landing pages and build out advertorials as this will increase your conversions and overall results.

3.) Building Your List (Your Own Products/Services)

Another way we monetize through Bing PPC and Facebook Ads is building a list which from there you can sell affiliate products, CPA offers or your own products/services on the backend. For example maybe you have a digital course on Real Estate and you want to sell it to prospects, on the front-end you could offer a free ebook/etraining with a few tips and then on the backend you sell your High-Ticket course for $997 or $1997.  


Over to the right you can see a list of people we started building, this particular list we can monetize again and again. The key is to always deliver some sort of content upfront and then on the backend you link to your paid training with valuable content/information.

From our experience we have found that building a list is the best way to create long-term products. You can maintain contact with your customers/clients, if they like your training and they like you they will most likely buy from you again and again.

Relationships always matter.

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