Top 3 Way to Make Money with Limited or No Budget

Do you want to make money, but you have little or no money to invest right now? There are the Top 3 things you can do right now to start making money for future investments.  You won’t make millions, but you will make enough to start investing in more profitable opportunities.

Let’s Get Started:


1. Providing a Service Online
Providing Services – This option is 100% free and you can make a decent amount of money. Go to websites like or a similar site and start looking through the categories for the bestselling services.  If one that fits your experience and post an ad…  It’s that simple with some research.

For example, If you like writing and don’t mind doing a little research, there are 1000s of sales each day for a content writer to write 500 word articles. Take some time to look through the top selling article writers on the site and how they priced and worded their ads.  Then create your own ad.  Once the sales start coming in, just provide a quality product and ask the customer to provide positive feedback.  As your feedback increases, so will your sales.  In no time, you will be making enough money that you can invest in a higher ticket opportunity.

Sites like fiver are free to sign up and free to post ads. They do take a small fee when you make a sale, but it’s worth it in the end.


2. Reselling Products on Amazon or Ebay:

You need a little bit of money for this one, but it’s small and if you do it right you’ll be profiting quickly for the tiny investment.

Everyone has stuff around your house that you don’t need, forget having a yard sale. If the items are in good shape list them on ebay.  Once you run out of stuff in your house, it’s time to go to yard sales or visit the clearance sections in department stores.

Amazon is now offering an awesome reselling program for items that are still factory sealed. It’s called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, if you find an items that sells on Amazon, you can sell it.  So if you are at a department store and see an item on clearance for $2 but it is currently selling on Amazon for $10.  Just buy it and sell it through the FBS program, you make a nice profit.  If you keep an eye out every time you’re at a store, this profit can add up.

Please keep in mind you will need to do your research, don’t just buy everything in the clearance section and expect to make a profit. Amazon now offers a smartphone app to help you with the research.  You can just scan the barcode on the item and Amazon will show you if it’s eligible for resale and the current price.  Amazon will take a cut of your sales for shipping and fees, so keep that in mind with listing items.

3. Create and Sell Websites:
Creating and selling websites aren’t just for the computer geeks anymore, with options like WordPress becoming more main stream, anyone can do it.

If you have experience creating websites, than what are you waiting for??? If you don’t have any experience, take some time to research website development with wordpress on google and Youtube.  There are 1000s of tutorials available and its super simple to do.  So it shouldn’t take you long to pick up.

Create a few demo sites, than start reaching out to local business that don’t have websites or sell them on You don’t have to make large site, for example if a local dentist my only need 2 or 3 pages for their site and would pay $200-$300 for you to make it for them.  You could also try to sell a monthly service where you’ll make any changes to the site for them or even provide hosting.

It’ll take a week or two to learn the skill if your completely new and do your research to find the right clients and demo sites. If you do that, you could make some really good money in your spare time.


All three of these options are great for beginners. They all take some time and work on your end, but need very little or no investment to get started.  Plus there are a lot of opportunities out there, so it shouldn’t be too hard to start making money quickly.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions