Here are the top ten tips for building your business on Twitter and gain Twitter followers. If you want to be successful with your business, you have to use Twitter.  The 10 items below with help you achieve success on Twitter

  1. Post should be Consistent and Provide Value – Unlike Facebook where you shouldn’t post more then 5 posts a day. With Twitter you could post 100 times throughout a day (not all at once) as long as you bring value. Twitter is a real time news feed, so if I am following a lot of people and am not online when you tweet at 10 AM, I won’t see it. So posting multiple times throughout the day will reach a larger audience. Post a lot of value driven content and ask questions to engage your followers.
  2. Don’t be Afraid of Discussions – Twitter is a very discussion friendly platform, so start discussions whenever you can. This will engage your current followers and will also attract new followers if they are interested in your conversation.
  3. Hashtags are Your Friend – Use hashtags and use them in every post. Hashtags are how people search on Twitter, so take advantage of it. Also take the time to identify the best hashtags for your topic/niche. If you have a small following, then find popular relevant hashtags.
  4. Post Photos/Videos – Studies have shown that posts with a picture or video get much more attention than tweets without one. So try to include a relevant high quality picture with each post.
  5. Make your Page Attractive – Make sure you use a high quality picture and cover photo. This will make your page look more inviting and there is a chance that people will be more likely to stay longer. Also try to have a custom cover picture created with your logo or current offer. It’s an extra location for advertising.
  6. Add a Description and URL – It surprises me how many people have not taken the time to write a profile description especially the business accounts. So make sure you put a good description in there detailing the services you provide. Mix in a few keywords/buzzwords that can be found in searches. Also make sure you include your URL, if people are interested in the services you provide, this will be the first chance you have for them to go to your site.
  7. Use Twitter Ads – Twitter ads can be an effective tool if you take the time to set them up correctly. There are a lot of options, but my favorite is the click through option. If you have a link in your post, make sure you switch to the click option instead of impressions. This way you only have to pay if they click through to your site.
  8. The Power of Now – As I mentioned before, Twitter is a real time social media platform. So utilize anything that is trending and is related to your niche. Hashtags or keywords can be incredibly useful if they are trending. So keep an eye on that before you post anything to see if it’s something you can jump on that trending train.
  9. Be Specific – During those few times when you’re not providing content and just focusing on tweeting an ad. Be very specific and let everyone know the price. Also include a picture or link to the item. Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people are vegue with the price or don’t show the product in their tweet.
  10. Stop YELLING! – With only 140 chars, it’s very tempting to put everything or a portion of your tweet in all caps. The hope is to get someone’s attention, but it actually does the opposite and deters people from looking at your message. I even know people that will instantly unfollow someone if they see all caps.
July 26, 2016
Twitter Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Twitter Marketing

Here are the top ten tips for building your business on Twitter and gain Twitter followers. If you want to be successful with your business, you […]