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Top Ten Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

Here are the top ten tips for building your Facebook business page. If you want to be successful with your business, you have to use Facebook.  The 10 items below with help you achieve success on Facebook

  1. Post should be Consistent and Provide Value

    – Ideally you will want to post 3 to 5 times throughout the day. One or two of those posts can be about your company, but try to focus you posts on content and engaging you audience. Your content should bring value to the end user. At least one of the post should be an attempt to engage your audience by asking a question, creating a poll or trying to start a discussion.

  2. Be Human

    – Bring a human element to your posting, something your customers can relate too. Show success stories, happy customer (with their permission), pictures from live events and items related to you and your employees.

  3. Use Hashtags Intelligently

    – The use of hashtags is newer to Facebook, so don’t overdo it. 1 or 2 will work well and make sure they are related to your post and not a generic hashtag like #checkitout or #SundayFunday

  4. Post Photos/Videos

    – Studies have shown that posts with a picture or video are 53% more success for with engagement then posts without one. So try to include a relevant high quality picture with each post.

  5. Make your Page Attractive

    – Make sure you use a high quality picture and cover photo. This will make your page look more inviting and there is a chance that people will be more lively to stay longer

  6. Complete your About Section

    – Most people are extreme skeptical when it comes to the internet, so the more information you can provide, the more legitimate you company will look. Also this will be a great place to include your phone number and website for potential customers to contact you.

  7. Leverage Facebook Ads

    – With the change that Facebook has made recently, Facebook Ads have become a necessity for reaching out to new audiences. Numerous studies even show that Facebook ads provide the best return on investment if used correctly. Better then Google Adwords and other methods.

  8. Run Contests

    – Facebook contests can drive huge fan growth over a short period of time and can make a massive impact to your Facebook page.

  9. Use Groups to Your Advantage

    – As mentioned in a previous tip, Facebook has made it more difficult to connect with new customers outside of Facebook Ads. The other way to engage people is through Facebook Groups. You can either join a related group or start your own group. This give you an efficient and effective way to grow an audience and promote a product/service.

  10. Don’t be Spammy

    – Nothing will kill your credibility or following quicker than being spammy. Don’t spam a bunch of people a generic sales pitch or publish the same sales post 10 times a day. You’ll see so many people try this and in the end, they all fail. Don’t be one of them.

July 21, 2016

Top Ten Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

Top Ten Tips for Your Facebook Business Page Here are the top ten tips for building your Facebook business page. If you want to be successful […]