Helpful Resources

I often get the question around what products to I recommend in order to be a successful online entrepreneur.  So below are the favorite tools and training that I personally use on a daily basis!  I highly recommend that you check them out.


Tools – These are the core tools that I can’t live without… and I highly recommend that you use them to create effective funnels and autoresponders.  If you’re new to building a business online, funnels and autoresponders are the   There are alternatives for each of the tools and I’ve tried most of them, but these are the most complete and the ones that I highly recommend.

  • Leadpages – They provide the best and in my opinion easiest to use tools to create your sales funnels.  There are hundreds of free templates to choose from and the support is top notch if you run into any issues or need guidance.
  • Online Sales Pro (OSP) – Is a good alternative if you’re looking for a premade sales funnel and lead tracker.  They take the guess work out of the funnel process.  I used these funnels before I started creating custom funnels through Leadpages.
  • Aweber – I’ve used a lot of different email autoresponders over the years and Aweber is my absolute favorite.  You get much more viability (less junk folders) and the tools are easy to use.  If you need an email autoresponder, check out Aweber.
  • NameCheap – I used to use GoDaddy for all of my URLs, but have decided to switch to NameCheap.  They offer better prices, free identity protection (first year) and the tools are easier to use.


Traffic Source – The key to being successful with any business is getting traffic to see your product.  It’s important to build organic and paid traffic to your side.  Organic traffic is free, but takes time to build up.  Paid traffic provides the boost your site needs until you’re able to build up the organic traffic.  But you must use quality traffic, but the cheap stuff you find on Fiverr.  Here are quality traffic sources that I use often and have seen really good results from.

  • Human Eye Balls Paid Traffic – We have tested a number of different paid or solo ad traffic sources and have seen the bet optin and conversion rate from Human Eye Balls.  I purchase traffic from them on a weekly basis.
  • Udimi Traffic – If you have a lower traffic budget and are looking for smaller quantities in solo ads until you grow your business, Udimi is great for you.  You can get solo ads as small as 25 clicks.  This is great for a beginner.
  • Facebook Ads – Facebook is currently the king of paid traffic, but it also can bleed your bank account dry if you don’t use it correctly.  I highly suggest that everyone uses Facebook ads, I’ve seen people get video views for $0.0004 which is insane if you know how to do it.  So before you dump a lot of money into Facebook Ads, you need to educate yourself on the techniques that work.  I’m in the process of reviewing several training programs, once I complete my review, I’ll provide my recommendation on the most complete training course available.


Training – Training and continuing your education is extremely important no matter what phase you are in your business.  Basic training is important for beginners and more detailed/focused training will continue throughout the rest of your life.  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates continue to focus on education even at this stage of their career.  Below our some of my favorite trainings.  They were full of knowledge and provided the information in an easy to understand way.

  • Digital Altitude – I can honestly say that I struggled for a long period of time to figure what I needed to do to have any success in my online business.  DA is a step by step training program from the very basic steps to start your business to driving traffic to your site and converting the traffic into sales.  They also provide 1 on 1 coaching with successful entrepreneurs.
  • AutoResponder Madness – As they say, “the fortune is in the follow-up” and if you’re not doing it right though you are missing out on a lot of sales.  This training has done wonders for my follow-up email sequence.