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I hear this all the time, I have no experience in this niche, but I want to make a name for myself… How do I do it?

What’s the best way to start your brand online? It’s the chicken and the egg situation.  You don’t want to start building your brand until you have success, but you can’t have success until you start building your brand.  So you get stuck in this loop, where you are chasing your tail and not making any progress.

How do you get out of this loop?

How do you post content that is that is interesting enough, unique enough, compelling enough to grab the attention of a customer to get engaged?

According to Gary Vee it’s simple, he says, “Start documenting instead of creating content”

Why spin your wheels trying to create content around something you don’t know about or don’t have experience in. Instead you should document your journey, issues you run into and what you do to resolve it.  Follow this process until you get to a point where you can create the content people are looking for.

Lets face it, we are in a reality TV kind of world. People are more interested in watching or reading about someone life, fails and successes.

So why not do the exact same thing within your niche? For example, if I manufactured and sold dog toys, I would document how I come up with ideas for a new dog toy.  Why it’s designed the way I wanted to and how I tested it with my dog and a test group of dogs.  What issues I had and how I fixed it… On and on

You could use written word like I’m doing now, podcasts or video blogs, whichever you are most comfortable with. Study show that it’s more effective to produce 10 items of average content rather than 1 or 2 perfect items.  You never know what is going to click with your audience.

Here is another example, in the past a travel blogger will focus on the destination. Why not document the journey there in addition to your experiences once you are at your destination.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to get it out there.  You will put out so much more content and appeal to a much larger audience.

As an experiment on this theory, over the next 30 days, I’m going to write one article documenting something I’ve learned or experienced that day. Feel free to follow along here and join me!

So grab your cell phone and start recording now!


April 18, 2017
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Document Instead of Creating Content

I hear this all the time, I have no experience in this niche, but I want to make a name for myself… How do I do […]